David Wolfe, Co-Founder/CEO
David Wolfe
Company: Leesa Sleep
Website: www.leesa.com

David is driven by his passion for his family, his friends, his work and a deep-set sense of purpose. He expects a lot of himself and of others, which has been the driving force behind his success. He has helped bring new ideas to life, from his early days as a strategy consultant to the start of his entrepreneurial journey more than twenty years ago. For more than 20 years, David has successfully sold and built companies where he has worked with major consumer products companies including Proctor and Gamble, Chlorox, General Mills, Purina and VF Corporation. He has also been on the investment committee of a private equity firm for 16 years. In 2013, David and co-founder Jamie Diamonstein began working on the Leesa mattress concept, with the brand officially launching in January of 2015. David describes Leesa as a combination of a great idea, a strong management team, a world-class product, and the best business model he has ever been involved in.


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