Opportunity Inc.

Opportunity, Inc.

Opportunity Inc. is an organization advocating for a comprehensive approach to workforce development, endeavoring to solidify relationships between key stakeholders. Stakeholders include employers, economic developers, training providers, and employees.

Also known as OppInc., the organization facilitates communication, funneling the needs of the business community back to the educators and training providers. OppInc. identifies employer needs and adjusts existing programs accordingly, as well as develops new training programs to better equip the regions' workforce for the labor marketplace.

Since becoming the official Workforce Development Network for Hampton Roads in July 2001, OppInc. has made significant progress in reaching its goal of developing and implementing a workforce development system, and is nationally viewed as an industry leader on how to successfully implement such a system.

Opportunity Inc. offers an array of employment services and training information to both employers and job seekers alike. For more information, call (757) 314-2370 or visit Opportunity Inc.

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