General Assembly Outcome

The Hampton Roads Chamber promotes pro-business policies in local and State government, advocating for a variety of business-related issues on behalf of nearly 2600 businesses representing more than 300,000 working men and women in Hampton Roads.
On Friday, February 27th the 2015 Session of the Virginia General Assembly ended. While 2015 was a non-budget year for the state legislature, much of the emphasis of the session was on adopting a revised balanced budget to adjust to lower than expected revenue. Ultimately a budget was adopted that spends $1 Billion less in general fund revenue than the originally adopted budget. Noteworthy budget inclusions were teacher pay raises, additional funding for a healthcare safety net and funds for two veterans care centers.
The Hampton Roads Chamber will continue to be engaged in public policy and state legislative issues in the months ahead as all 140 members of the Virginia General Assembly are facing election in November. Your “Voice of Business” in Hampton Roads will represent your interests in Richmond each and every day.
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