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A fundamental component of the Hampton Roads Chamber’s mission is to advocate the views of the business community to our elected representatives at the state and local levels. In collaboration with our Public Policy Advisors, the Chamber staff is engrossed in information gathering and takes an active role in developing and promoting policy positions on critical issues affecting the business community. 

Your Hampton Roads Chamber is continuously fighting for you to set the conditions for your business to succeed. Meticulous tracking of business related issues and public policy agendas, along with continual discussions with municipal staff, elected officials, and the Hampton Roads delegation,  enables us to effectively advocate for and serve as the voice of the business community. 

As the leading business organization in the region, our business driven advocacy work over the past 3 years have saved employers an estimated $2.5 Billion. These savings average $2,700 per employee.

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added February 19, 2019 by Kindra Greene
Impactful Advocate
added February 15, 2019 by Ira Agricola
The Hampton Roads Chamber and a large coalition of business interests presented three proposals at the beginning of the 2019 General Assembly Session.
added February 11, 2019 by Candace Reid
C-PACE is a powerful and innovative financing tool that commercial property owners use to fund a wide variety of improvements for existing and new construction projects. SB 1559 strengthens the statute by expanding the types of improvements that can be financed. Measures related to resiliency provide significant benefits such as increasing property values, mitigating risks of flooding and wind damage, and reducing costs associated with storm water upgrades.
added February 6, 2019 by Ira Agricola
The Virginia General Assembly has finally reached “Crossover,” the halfway point by which each chamber must complete work on its own bills and begin considering legislation passed by the other body. Over 870 bills have passed the House of Delegates and over 700 made it through the Senate. Check out this week's Legislative Review
added February 1, 2019 by Jarron D. Sledge
The Hampton Roads Chamber has been fully engaged in the 2019 short session of the Virginia General Assembly. Working with members of the Hampton Roads delegation, we make certain that the business perspective is represented at every turn in Richmond. Throughout the session, the Chamber will keep you abreast on key issues impacting the local business community.
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