Congressman Scott Rigell Speaks to Virginia Beach Board

Congressman Scott Rigell Speaks to Virginia Beach Board

Congressman Scott Rigell speaks at the Virginia Beach Division Board meeting on November 6 The Virginia Beach Board of Directors meeting on November 6 featured a presentation by Congressman Scott Rigell.  Nearly 50 members of the business community listened to Rigell discuss the financial reality the country is facing. 

Rigell told the group, “If our deficit, the difference between what we’re spending and what we’re taking in, is more than 3 percent of our gross domestic product, every one of us is at risk.  This is not acceptable.”

Regarding the political reality, Rigell said, “We are at full gridlock.” He explained that the Republicans want to cut and the Democrats want more revenue.   

“The path that we’re on is not without consequence,” he said.  Speaking about his children and grandchildren, Rigell said, “They will inherit the decisions that we make. We need to make wise decisions now.  I’m determined to set a better future for them.”

Rigell said we need to put our country first.  He stressed returning to regular order, wisely reduce mandatory spending, increase revenues, reduce sequester and grow the economy and create jobs.

“I really believe that energy is the number one way for our region to diversify our economy and grow,” he said.  Rigell explained that an estimated 18,000 jobs would be created.  He added, “We’ve got to reduce the sequester.”

Rigell said he’s on a mission in Washington.  He is working to identify members of Congress who he can work with, inform them of his perspective and influence them. 

Congressman Rigell concluded by answering questions from the meeting attendees.  He asked the audience to stay informed and stay engaged and connect with his office.

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