You Could Be Too Social in Making Your Digital Impact

You Could Be Too Social in Making Your Digital Impact
Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Those Who Are Careering Up Attend #UNSTUCK Workshop: Your Digital Media Impact

 It is so easy to fall into a pattern that I call impulsive pops. Well, you know what I mean by impulsive but “pops” is just my word for clicks. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are probably the guiltiest of this because they can do whatever they want without many digital guidelines while trying to build relationships online.

Let me explain. It is possible to be too social. Commenting, posting, and sharing about anything that pops (whether in our mind or in the minds of others) is likely damaging your personal brand, that brand from which the decision makers you are trying to reach as potential customers, partners or influencers determine their perceptions of you.

Without a clear understanding of your own brand and the strategy to support it, you are wasting a lot of time being social online. #BeStrategic There was a time when you get just be happy getting a few likes when you put your children’s trip to the zoo on your Facebook page and think nothing of it. All that is good, but today’s social media is so busy and out-of-your-control with ever changing algorithms that it is time to make sure if you are going to be social, get some balance!

Join us next Friday, May 11th for a workshop designed specifically to deal with making your brand (and your reputation) have the best possible digital impact! Take time out to learn in an interactive setting what could be one of the most important aspects of meeting your business goals!

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