Virginia Beach Hospitality Expo & Training

Virginia Beach Hospitality Expo & Training
Virginia Beach Hospitality Expo & Training

Please join us and sign up to attend the VB Hospitality EXPO on April 5th and share with others.  Loads of fun and customer service training as well. 


  • Hospitality EXPO – April 5, 2017 at the VB Convention Center from 11am-5pm. Free and open to hospitality industry across the region.
  • Customer Service Training isbeing offered, as well.  Front-line staff can participate in the training portion with a $20 fee.   Bob Brown is the speaker.  Go to to sign up.



  1.  Customer Service professional development opportunity:

April 5th at 11am:  Turn your Staff into Sales Superstars: 


Focus on how to upsell without being pushy.  Perfect for In-Room Dining Operators, Catering and Banquet Sales and Restaurant Sales (servers, bartenders, etc).


April 5th at 3pm:  Service Excellence for Lifetime Loyalty

This session is all about customer service and is applicable for anyone in the industry. Learn how to deliver dazzling service and turn complaints into WOWs.


AFTER completing the one-hour seminar, each front-line staff member will conclude their training by attending the Hospitality EXPO.  An activity meant to increase their knowledge of our area and the attractions offered throughout the region will take place.  Tables will be set up from numerous organizations like HRT, The Vibe, Aviation Museum and so many more and prizes will be provided.  A FUN and EDUCATIONAL component of the front-line professional development!!



Please share with other hotels and restaurants in our region.


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