News and Notes January 7, 2016

News and Notes January 7, 2016
The Virginia General Assembly will convene on January 13th for a 60-day session that will produce the Commonwealths two-year budget.

News and Notes

The Virginia General Assembly will convene on January 13th for a 60-day session that will produce the Commonwealth’s two-year budget.

A number of bills have been introduced prior to the start of the 2016 session.  A summary of business related bills follows:

HB 7 (Simon D 53rd)
Sick leave; certain private employers to provide employees with paid benefits.  Requires private employers with 25 or more employees to provide those employees working 18 hours per week with paid sick leave.  A civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 per violation would be enforced.
(Commerce and Labor)

HB 16 (Ware R 65th)
Health Insurance payments for services by dentists and oral surgeons.  Requires that reimbursements payable or paid by a dental plan for covered services be reasonable and not provide nominal reimbursement in order to claim that services are covered under the applicable dental plan.
(Commerce and Labor)

HB 55 (Head R 17th)
Health Benefit Plans:  Large and Small – Deletes provisions that as of January 1, 2016, changed the definitions of a “large employer” for purposes of a group health plan or health insurance coverage, from an employer who employed an average of more than 50 employees to an employer who employed more than 100 employees during the preceding calendar year.  The definition of “small employer” is correspondingly revised to include employers who employ an average of 50 or fewer employees, which prior to January 1, 2016 was the threshold for delineating large employers from small employers.  The measure has an EMERGENCY clause.
(Commerce and Labor)

HB 66 (Byron R 22nd)
New Economy Industry Credential Assistance Training Grants:   Grants for earning training credits.  Aggregate amount of $2,000, effective January 1, 2017.
(Committee on Education)

HB 15 (Ware R 65th)
Personal Property Tax Classification – provides that if an item of tangible property falls within multiple classifications for local taxation, the rate of taxation is the lowest assigned to each classification.
(Committee on Finance)

HB 33 (Farrell R 56th

Small Business Parental Leave Tax Credit – Creates an income tax credit beginning in taxable year 2017 for a portion of the salary or wages paid by small businesses to full-time employees while on leave for the birth of their child or the placement of a child for adoption.
(Committee on Finance)

HB 59 (Byron R 22nd, Bell R 20th)
A bill to amend and re-enact 32.1–102.1 of the Code of Virginia, relating to certificates of public need.
(Referred to Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions)

House Joint Resolution #7, (Byron R 22nd, Landes R 25th)
Directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to review the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.
(Referred to Committee on Rules)

SB 88 (Marsden D 37th)
Increases minimum wage from its current federally mandated level.
(Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor)

SB 136 (Favola D 31st)
Electrical transmission line siting, hearing requested by locality.  Requires the SCC to hold a hearing in the area affected by the construction of an electrical transmission line.
(Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor)

SB 17 (Stanley R 20th)
Stem programs, grants for donations to programs at qualified schools.  Establishes a grant program administered by the Board of Education beginning in 2017 for donations by STEM organizations to qualified schools.
(Referred to Committee on Education and Health)

SB 58 (McDougle R 4th)
Research and development expenses, modifies the existing tax credits.
(Referred to Committee on Finance)

SB 114 (Peterson D 34th)
Plastic bags in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Imposes a five cent per bag tax on plastic bags provided to customers.
(Referred to Committee on Finance)

SB 3 (Stanley R 20th)

Establishes the Building Revitalization Grant Fund to award grants up to $100,000 to make capital investments of at least $1 M in revitalizing or retrofitting an existing building in the Commonwealth to serve as a new place of business.
(Referred to the Committee on General Laws and Technology)

SB 119 (Peterson D 34th)
A bill to amend and re-enact section 2.2 – 1604 and 2.2 – 4310 of the Code of Virginia relating to the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity; definition of small business.
(Referred to Committee on General Laws and Technology)

SB 55 (Locke D 2nd)
Distribution of disposable plastic shopping bags prohibited; local option.
(Referred to Committee on Local Government)

SB 47 (Lucas D 18th)
A bill to amend and re-enact section 33.2 – 2602 and 33.2 – 2604 of the Code of Virginia relating to local representation on the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission.
(Referred to Committee on Rules)

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