So what is Soldierfit?

So what is Soldierfit?
Pride Not Ego.


Do you want to get in better shape than you were in high school? Do you want to get back into your wedding dress? How about a beach body that stops traffic on the boardwalk? Find out why so many on the East Coast are shouting the phrase, “I am SOLDIERFIT.”

The SOLDIERFIT program, created by nine-year war veteran Danny Farrar, focuses on varied workouts incorporating strength, cardiovascular endurance and core training. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, SOLDIERFIT classes combine boot camp techniques from the United States Military with functional fitness training. Certified instructors will guide and encourage you with motivating, exciting, and unique workouts — reshaping you from head to toe. The SOLDIERFIT program empowers everyone from mothers, teenagers, athletes, to law officers and firefighters through physical fitness. All shapes and sizes are welcome. The SOLDIERFIT workout includes all levels of fitness experience in one program.

A Higher Level Of Fitness

With a variety of exercises and drills designed for the beginner as well as the advanced exercise enthusiast, your body and your mind will be challenged. Bored with the same routine? Need core training for great abs and a strong back? Ever flip a tire or swing a sledgehammer? The SOLDIERFIT cadre is here to provide that extra push and ensure your safety as you maneuver through workouts like you have never experienced.

SOLDIERFIT is comprised of a cadre that has cumulatively lost 600+ pounds! Fueled by the genuine desire to help our members reach their goals, SOLDIERFIT’s Black Hat Trainers are armed with the knowledge and experience to help you succeed! SOLDIERFIT members have unlimited access to over three hundred classes a month! Let the treadmill be your Sunday walk. Reach a higher level of fitness and standard of health within a community, which for so many others, has become a family.


Change your life one workout at a time, Become an after photo! Are you SOLDIERFIT?


Join us today! To find out more information, click link. No commitment, no regrets! Everyone starts somewhere...this is your where!

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