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The Hampton Roads Business PAC (HRBizPAC) Announces Endorsements
November 2015 General Assembly Elections
Citizens Information Meeting - Hampton Roads Crossing Study
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
Hampton Roads Chamber Supports Passage of PACE
The Chamber supports lowering the operational costs for businesses and property owners thru the use of private capital that is ultimately repaid via a special tax assessment on the respective property.
Investing In Tomorrow's Leaders: A Chamber Business Priority Today
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce understands that growing our future generation of business leaders is paramount to economic success and must be a priority for the Hampton Roads business community. To address this priority, we are launching THRIVE - a regional young professionals group.
Virginia FREE Briefs HRBizPac on 2015 General Assembly Session Ratings
HRBizPac is a non-partisan element of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
Patriots Crossing: The Right Move
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce re-endorses the Third Crossing / Patriots Crossing as the priority harbor crossing improvement program strategy as the best alternative for relieving congestion crossing Hampton Roads and best facilitating economic growth and vitality in the region. This solution should be pursed as quickly as possible.
Cooperation Needed for the Greater Good
Purposeful regional planning and collective actions will enhance business success
2015 General Assembly Incumbent Evaluations
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerces Hampton Roads Business Political Action Committee (HRBizPAC) uses VA FREE data to make endorsements on incumbent legislators.
2015 General Assembly Accomplishments
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce promotes pro-business policies in local and State government. Review the Chamber's 2015 General Assembly Accomplishments
Chamber Helps Shape a Pro-Business Environment in Hampton Roads
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce advocates for legislation, policy and the partnerships necessary to keep its members in business for years to come.
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